Usually we are contacted by an organization, medical facility or other volunteer groups who see a need for plastic/reconstructive surgery in a given area. After a site visit, if we determine that there are enough patients requiring our services, we start making arragements to go to that location.
Cleft-lip, cleft-palate, release of burn contractures,skin grafts, removal of tumors, polydactly (extra fingers/toes) and scar revisions. Sometimes unusual cases present themselves such as accident victims, tendon reattachments or recontruction of a body part.
We are funded 100% by donations. Generous individuals and a few corporations provide us with funding. Donate Now
We have 3% overhead. Nobody gets paid. All work is done on a volunteer basis. All donations go directly to our missions, patient care, medicines, equipment and medical supplies. Donate Now
All of our physicians are Board Certified in their specialty and all of our nurses are licensed RNs. Our priorities are:
  1. The safety of our patients
  2. Providing quality health care
  3. Treating our patients and their families with compassion, respect and dignity. We provide the same level of health care as one would receive in the United States.
  1. Funding – critical for a successful mission.
  2. Bureaucracy in host countries.
  3. Getting equipment, medicines and supplies donated.
  4. Logistics of packing for 100 surgeries and carrying it all in our luggage.
  5. Moving a team of 12-16 people and 25-30 suitcases from home to airport, airport to hotel, hotel to in-country transport, transport to hospital.
  6. Setting up the O.R.s and storing our medical supplies in a safe place while on the mission.