Mission Statement

What is their Mission?

Mission statement: Women for World Health, Inc. will comprehensively evaluate and identify community health care needs in the U.S. and in developing nations. We will provide support for these needs through volunteer medical missions. Women for World Health is non-profit, non-religious and non-political

Needs Assessment: After assessing the medical and educational needs in a community Women for World Health puts together teams of specialists to help fulfill those needs.

Medical: The medical team specialties depend on the needs of the community. Our medical specialties include plastic/reconstructive surgery, general surgery, OB-gyn, pediatrics, ophthalmology, dentistry, dermatology, wound care and internal medicine.

Education: Our educational focus relates to health-care issues. For example, many of the poor in developing nations lack the knowledge needed to maintain good health. If this is the case we include team members who can educate mothers and other community members on nutrition, hygiene, prenatal care, dental hygiene, medical & dental preventative measures and the dangers of environmental pollutants.

When will they assist those in need?

Women for World Health will have one or two missions a year depending on the needs and cost of each mission.

Where will these missions take place?

We will donate our services in developing nations where health and education needs are highest. See "Upcoming Trips" for specific details.

Why do these women want to do this?

It is time to give back.

How are these missions made possible?

Our missions are only possible when many people share the same goal. These missions require the joint efforts of MANY people to coordinate, pack, locate and collect donated equipment, supplies, instruments, medicines, food, and shelter. And, of course, money donations made by individuals, corporations and family foundations make it possible for us to pay airfare, the biggest expense in undertaking a medical mission.